Exhaust Ventilators


The ROOFVENT exhaust Ventilators is fully manufactured in india is one of the energy efficient and powerful products of its type available. The design of the throat ad dome of the ventilator helps to speed and facilitate air exhaust by limiting back pressure on the fan and motor.

On a relatively calm day, Roofvent Exhaust Ventilators removes hot, humid air from roof spaces at an exhaust rate equivalent to about four domestic wind turbines. The exhaust rate of all power vents should only be compared under the conditions of the indian standard.

By removing, hot humid air from roof spaces, enabling it to be replaced by cool, fresh air, the roof space temperature in a home is prevented from reaching extreme levels during summer. This reduces the heat lead on insulation and ceilings thereby providing a more comfortable home with room temperatures reduced by up to 5°C the peak of summer. The ROOFVENT Exhaust ventilator also improves the performance and lowers the running cost of heat exchange occurring between air in the attic and that carried in the ducting.

The operation of the ROOFVENT exhaust ventilators is controlled through a thermostat which can be either a wall mount type or attic type. The thermostat can be set at a level which activities  ROOFVENT Exhaust during mid morning, before the roof space has a chance to heat up.

  • Abrushless, electronic, commuting motor which provides excellent reliablity and an anticipated operational life well in excess of five years. Motor replacement is a simple task.
  • Performance is independent of wind speed, unlike rotary vents.
  • Quiet operation performance with very low motor vibration.
  • Installation on any roof type and slobe up to 45°.
  • Very economical operation with anticipated annual energy cost less..
  • One ROOFVENT Exhaust ventilator can provideadequate ventilation for a 20 square meter (180²) home.
  • No electrician required if a power point is available within roof cavity.
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