Industrial Ventilators


The ROOFVENT industrial ventilators are designed to expel hot, humid and stagnant air from commercial and industrial buildings. Powered by the wind, there are no running costs providing a cooler, more comfortable working environment.

The ROOFVENT industrial ventilators are constructed from a rust resistant lightweight aluminium. The lightweight structure also assists in providing a low starting torque to initiate the ventilation function. The bearing system is a sealed prepacked double row ball bearing type. Located out of the air flow, the bearings are virtually maintenance –free and emit little noise while operating . The vertical wind vane with its wind catching lip, assists in providing low starting and improves ventilation through a greater “sail” area of each vane.

The ROOFVENT industrial ventilators has high quality and perform for long period. The unique system operates from totally different angle, which makes it more durable. The ROOFVENT range carries as 5 years Performance Warranty.

ROOFVENT industrial ventilators silently draw hot, damp and stagnant air from the building, replacing it with clean, fresh air – all year round… It’s remove badly smoke and fumes from the building, allowing occupants a much better chance of escaping safely. ROOFVENT industrial ventilators are constructed from rust-resistant, lightweight aluminium alloy. It is not only whisper quiet in operation and virtually maintenance free, but built to withstand heat and moisture extremes well in excess of normal operating conditions.

The ROOFVENT series of roof ventilation systems are indigenously designed and manufactured. This cost-effective and efficient ventilation system is ideal to ventilate Factories, Workshops, Warehouses, Agricultural Applications, Assembly Halls and other industrial building structure which require effective ventilation. The positive extraction of the ROOFVENT industrial ventilation system eliminate dust penetration and a down-draught into the building to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment.

The standard colour is an aluminium mill finish. Power coated colour finishes are also available, subject to special order.

  • Increased life of roofing sheets
  • Reduction in maintenance of plant & machinery by reducing humidity level
  • Increase in productivity
  • Healthy working environment
  • Use of renewable source of wind energy
  • Achievement of environmental standards
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