Open Sky Ventilators


The ROOFVENT offers international standard louver roof & screen system. Openable roof & screen system’s ability to control the elements makes it a natural choice over traditional coverings. With the flick of switch, the louvers can be adjusted through 150 degrees to let the light and air in, to keep the sun out or to protect outdoor entertaining areas from rain

Openable roof & screen system has built-in-air pockets by the louvers due to its unique double skinned construction. These unique air gaps provide extra insulation and create a gentle breeze on hot /stuffy days. It also prevents the sun’s heat being transmitted to the underside, creating a cooler outdoor area.

Restaurant, Patios, Bungalows, Factories, Swimming pool areas and a host of other applications to enable you to better utilize the natural conditions.

The system allows you all seasons use of outdoor open areas enhancing utility and productivity of your Workshops, Factories, Restaurants, Entertainment Parks, Theme Parks etc…

The product is manufactured to withstand even the most severe weather conditions and give you a lifetime of service. It also has ability to resist squally winds.

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