Ridge Ventilators


The ROOFVENT ventridge has been designed to operate very efficiently. Its design also blends in with different building and structure styles due to its low profile and it is virtually free from maintenance.

The ROOFVENT ventridge takes maximum advantage of natural stack action, which is a result of temperature difference between the inside and outside of the factory causing pressure variations resulting in air movement. Heat from plant, personnel and also solar heat radiating through the roof and walls, warm the inside air which rises and flows out of the building through the ventridge. It is for this reason that the ventridge should be mounted on the ridge of a stopping structure or above areas of concentrated heat on flat roofed buildings. This hot air is then replaced by cooler air which must be allowed  to enter the building through openings at its base.

The ROOFVENT Ventridge provides continuous natural ventilation with effective weather protection, under normal weather conditions. The ventridge is designed to effectively remove heat, smoke and fumes on an ongoing basis from factories and industrial buildings.

The ROOFVENT Ventridge can be fitted to almost any part of the roof, providing the roof units cloud be fitted over a concentrated area where an exhaust system is essential or it can be installed continuously along the ridge. The clear spacing ‘A’ between top purlins must be the ventridge throat width a tolerance of -0mm to +4mm eg. For a 380mm throat venridge the clear space must be between 380mm and 420mm.

Lengths are available to suit all applications and should be ordered to make the most maximum recommended length is 7600mm. Consideration should be given to handling and transportation of the material when ordering the required length.

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