Skylight Ventilators


The ROOFVENT skylight Ventilators provides many environmental benefits, Naturally with no running costs. It operates silently at al times, even without wind and requires no electric power source. In fact, the ROOFVENT will help reduce your power costs by decreasing the power load of air-conditioners and ceiling fans. It is cost effective, environmentally friendly solution to summer heat and winter damp in the roof space with the added benefits of providing light for storage and discouraging termites and other pests heat could inhabit a hot, moist, dark roof cavity.

The ROOFVENT skylight ventilators is a revolutionary design based on technically advanced aerodynamic principles and has been engineered and tested for a long, maintenance free life. Components are made from heights quality UV resistant polymers, aluminium and stainless steel to made it ideally suited for all domestic environments including highly corrosive coastal regions.

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