The ROOFVENT Ventilator is convection and also allows it to be assisted by the wind. The rotating ROOFVENT action produces a positive extraction, which removes convicted heat and induces currents of fresh air producing a substantial cooling effect on people and the environment. The ROOFVENT transforms hot stuffy conditions into optimum working and living conditions, enhance airflow, and improve indoor air quality.

The ROOFVENT series is available in four sizes with a choice of galvanized and aluminum which can be colour coated on request. Galvanised ROOFVENT have more durability and reliable structure to withstand high wind velocity and hailstorms.  Aluminum ROOFVENT’S are recommended for coastal regions with a high corrosion factor.

The ROOFVENT Ventilator has high quality and performs for long period. The unique system operates from totally different angle which makes it more durable. The ROOFVENT range carries a 5 year warranty as opposed to 4 years overseas products.

The products operates on wind energy thereby enabling saving of substantial electrical energy to the user. This also is a saving to the already over burdened straight electricity board which have currently a problem for serving existing client. i.e Wind energy. Thereby, offering a low cost solution to ventilation problem in industry.

The ROOFVENT series of roof ventilation systems are indigenously designed and manufactured. This cost-effective and efficient ventilation systems is ideal to ventilate factories, workshops, warehouses, agricultural applications, schools, hostels, change houses, assembly halls and other building structures which require effective ventilation. The positive extraction of the ROOFVENT ventilation system eliminate dust penetration and a down-draught into the building to ensure a cleaner and healthier working environment.

The ROOFVENT features such superior qualities as comprehensive 5 years warranty 100% quality product patented Bearing System top quality manufacture Superior internal design of the ROOFVENT eliminates the necessity of external supporting braces larger rotating dome for increased extraction capacity sealed bearings enclosed in a sealed bearing housing.

  • Dome vertical mounted blades specially formed to prevent water and dust penetration.
  • Shaft yellow cadium plated bright mild sheet covered width an aluminium pipe.
  • Bearing System – Unique and Patened type ZZ lubricated bearings in a reinforced housing to prevent from corrosion.
  • Base Plate – ensure water and dust proof aluminium or FRP Base attachment to the roof
  • No Operating Cost
  • Runs on Wind Power
  • Weather & Strom Proof
  • Adaptable to any Roofing
  • Removes Hot Gases, Obnoxious Fumes and Bad Odour
  • Enhances Ventilation
  • Maintenance Free
  • No Noise

The structure of the galvanized unit makes it more durable and reliable in the long run in terms of :

  • High Velocity wind area, hail storms and heavy rain
  • General handling and transportation
  • The aluminium ROOFVENT is recommended for coastal areas
  • Stainless steel ROOFVENT are recommended for the ventilation of acid and caustic fumes intensive plants to protect the material from corrosion
Tested air removing capacity at:
15km/h windspeed 11489 m³ / h 1863 m³ / h 4495m³ / h 6807 m³ / h
25 km/h windspeed m² 2184 m³ / h 2731 m³ / h 5757 m³ / h 8512 m³ / h
Sealed Bearings in Housing 2 2 2 2
No.of Blades 20 21 37 42
Dome Height 250 mm 270 mm 365 mm 455 mm
Dome Width 435 mm 470 mm 650 mm 760 mm
Approximate Mass:
Galvanished Roofvent 4.5 kg 5.5 kg 8 kg 11 kg
Alumium Roofevnt 1.5 kg 2 kg 3 kg 4 kg

Note: The air removing figures shown have beed calculated an average roof height (heatstack) of five meters above working level. Average wind speed = 15km/h

(Roofvent can supply 915mm & 1250mm ventilator depending on customer requirement)

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